the relationship you have with yourself.....png

It’s time for it to be a trustworthy one.

I help people build secure and loving relationships with themselves so they can show up in their personal and professional life with more joy, more integrity and more of themselves. I call this having your own back.

It’s not a cliche. It’s a felt experience of being there for yourself. It’s knowing in your bones that you can manage the stress, anxiety, discomfort and emotions that are a natural part of being human. And more than that, it’s trusting that you can craft the life that makes you feel most alive and fulfilled.

My approach isn’t woo woo or cerebral, it’s embodied and relational. We’ll work together to regulate your nervous system and to increase your emotional intelligence so that you not only have self-awareness, but also self-confidence, self-worth and self-love.

That looks like you:

having control over emotional outbursts or emotional shut down

trusting your gut and acting on your inner knowing about decisions big and small

replacing self-criticism with self-compassion

speaking your mind and standing up for yourself without needing to attack others

having more presence and resilience and less monkey mind

finding healing and sustainable behavior change that you haven’t been able to find even with years of therapy and mindfulness practices

no longer seeking belonging and approval from others at the expense of yourself

getting out of your own way when it comes to making that big leap in your work

feeling more alive, fluid and connected rather than hurried, tight or numbed out

having relationships in which you feel like yourself and you are respected and cared for

being more engaged, creative and productive and less paralyzed by over-thinking.


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