travel back to yourself


You know exactly where you want to go in your life, but you’re feeling tripped up by all the decisions that need to be made and by all the ways you are being called to show up in new and vulnerable ways. Or you are feeling utterly lost and stuck and are looking for a reliable tether back to your path. Or perhaps you are on an emotional roller coaster or are feeling totally locked up. Something has suddenly changed and you don’t know how to navigate it. Or the opposite, something has got to change. Now.

Either way, you need some time to get away from your daily life and to get deeply connected to nature, to your body and to your felt sense of knowing.

what will you get?

The opportunity to not have to hold it all together so you can actually see what is being asked of you and how to take action. The one-on-one attention of someone who will not try to make you feel better with positive words of encouragement, but will help you to actually get to the source of what's making you feel stuck so you can get unstuck.1-3 days of self-designed personal retreat with me in gorgeous Ojai, California. Morning and afternoon sessions to go deep in exploration of your inner landscape through yoga, meditation, talking and time in nature. Plus plenty of free time to integrate, nap and get exactly what you need. Did I mention it's all about you? You’ll replace the feeling of heaviness with lightness, the feeling of resistance with ease, and the feeling of tightness with spaciousness. You'll return home with more of yourself, plus the tools to more reliably stay with yourself. Aaaah.