The Practice of Being Well

The research is clear--healthy humans and healthy culture lead to a healthy bottom line. And healthy culture results from the practice of conscious decision-making based on goals, values, and relationships. And being conscious goes beyond simply sitting with your legs crossed and your eyes closed. True consciousness requires that you be aware the entirety of your experience so that you can be engaged fully and effectively with the world around you.

In the Practice of Being Well, Dave Mochel and I have combined our superpowers to create a comprehensive training that will infuse your work life with balance, clarity, confidence and connection.

Bringing together mindfulness and embodiment practices with current research in nueroscience, you will learn the skill of Awareness-Based Self-Regulation. ABSR is a research-based and time-tested approach for cultivating the presence and resilience necessary to bring your whole self to work and to life.


We'll address topics from awareness to neuroplasticity, anxiety to procrastination, positive emotion to purpose, spinning to creating change. Our approach is experiential, grounded, intelligent and playful. Expect to go deep and to feel both challenged and held. (Oh, and on a practical note, similar programs have reduced absenteeism, stress-related illness, and healthcare resource utilization by as much as 40%.)


Program Includes:

- Custom onsite training--Options include Day-long, Eight 90 minute sessions or Four 3 hour sessions

- Practice manual

- Practice reminders texted to participants

- Implementation coaching following the training may be added


Benefits of this program include:

- Strong working relationships

- Clear communication

- More positive and purposeful culture

- Innovation and creative problem-solving

- Stress and conflict management

- Vitality and Resilience

- Effective decision-making

- Increased engagement


clients have included:

Subaru, Northland Investments, Patagonia, Yahoo!, NBKC, Quadriga Arts, UCSB, MMD, Japanese Ministry of Education, ISAK, Marcus Adams Industrial Investments, The University of Wisconsin, California Teacher Development Collaborative, Yamato Transport,  Balance Financial, Physical Focus, and Home Solutions