Practice, not theory. Experience, not story.

My job is to help you stay present to yourself so that you can access inner resources to be able to come back to your own knowing and your ability to act on what is true for you.

The jargony name for what I help people find is called Awareness-Based Self-Regulation. But really, it's a way of being with yourself that can be broken down into four parts.

These principles and practices apply to individuals, relationships, teams and organizations, and are a product of nearly twenty years of teaching, coaching, immersing myself in personal practice and geeking out on research.


find your own presence

You can think of this as "being the one behind your own eyes." It's a felt sense that you're in your body. I'll help you identify felt resources that allow you to feel sensations and emotions in your body without getting overwhelmed or numbing out. From there, we'll start to get to know the different physiological responses you have to circumstances and people, and how those responses influence your thinking and behavior. You'll find that your presence is made up of many different parts of you, all with their own pattern of how feel in your body, and all with their own agenda.


Become comfortable with discomfort

As you get to know the different parts of you and seek to be present in your body, you'll undoubtedly come across physical or emotional discomfort. I'll guide you to consciously make contact with that discomfort and learn to stay with yourself. It's in the learning to not act out habituated behaviors in response to that discomfort that you will grow discernment about how you act and what you say. This is the key to gaining freedom from triggers and replacing old patterns with new ways of being that are in alignment with how you really want to be in your relationships and work.


be guided from within

Having built the inner resources to be able to stay with yourself in a felt way even if you're uncomfortable, you're now able to speak your truth, as guided from what you know inside. You've also cultivated enough discernment to make choices to take action that's inspired from the deepest part of you. Words and actions that are sourced from within are inherently vulnerable and powerful, and are the root of showing up and being in service to the world in the way that is uniquely yours.


become trustworthy to yourself

The natural consequence of learning to stay with yourself and to speak and act on behalf of your deepest self is that you can feel trust in yourself. It's a felt sense of calm, inner spaciousness, strength and that you have your own back. It feels a hell of a lot like love. In this place you have agency over your own life and you are able to bring your best, most connected, most alive self to your work and relationships.


 Coaching, not therapy.

I'm often asked if I'm a coach or a counselor. Though the work I do with people is deeply therapeutic, it isn't therapy. My focus is on giving my clients specific techniques they can practice in their daily life, and my approach is practical, relational and experiential.

In addition, my work is integrative--if you hire me to me to help get your team at work back on track, you will notice that our work together could also influence how you parent or how you see yourself in the world.

Or if you come to me seeking help with not losing yourself in your intimate relationship, you might also find that you can speak with more confidence at work, have more boundaries with your parents, or come back to a lost sense of spirituality and meaning in your life. Since the practices address all aspects of you--mind, body, heart, spirit and consciousness--they will necessarily affect all parts of your life.