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be who you are.

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Yeah, but how do you do that?

Ironically, the best way to care for, trust in and be who you are is to understand and befriend the part of you that is just like every other human--you're nervous system. 

For twenty years I've been answering the question how is it that our awareness of ourselves from the neck down can help us to be better at what we do and be more trustworthy to ourselves?

As an embodiment educator, coach and author, I have a knack for mixing theory and empathy to help people find home in themselves and more freedom, connection and joy in their lives.




build a more resilient nervous system so you can offer more empathy, skill and presence to those you serve without burning (or selling) yourself out.

Develop the internal resources to not lose yourself in the forcefields of others (or in your own mind), and learn a whole new language for how to express yourself as if who you are in the world truly mattered.

Illuminate what makes us all the same so as to inspire and empower you to be your unique, full self. 

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