Have your own back

A self-guided program to help you stay with yourself and be yourself no matter what.

Many of us haven’t learned how to be in a loving, secure relationship with ourselves. We’ve been too busy trying to manage and mitigate discomfort in all its forms through outdated behaviors that ultimately just cause us more trouble.

Through 4 hours of video content that you can download and keep, and an 84 page workbook, you’ll learn body-based mindfulness practices and self-regulation techniques to establish a trustworthy and felt connection to yourself so you can stay grounded and true to yourself when shit gets hard. 

Mixing teachings about how the brain and nervous system respond to uncomfortable situations with accessible skills you can apply in your daily life. 

you’ll learn how to:

manage anxiety and build faith and confidence in yourself

bring the real you to your relationships and your work

change critical self-talk and reassign the inner critic so she’s not running the show

calm your nervous system so you can be your best self even when things are uncomfortable

give yourself the 3 essential nutrients every human needs

have your own back no matter what so that you can experience more freedom and joy


The breakdown of the content:

the odds.
how the cultural, neurobiological and relational odds are stacked against you having your own back.

the feels.
how to run your emotions rather than your emotions running you.

the cast of characters.
how to tell which parts of you are running the show and how to get your true self to show up instead. 

the holy grail.
how to set boundaries and how to trust yourself to act on your own knowing.

Along with four hours of video content, there is an 84 page workbook that is the slides that accompany the videos as well as questions to explore and practices to engage with.


What folks say:

Have Your Own Back is a crash course in self-reliance. No one in their right mind would take a long journey into the wilderness without some training about how to care for themselves in common situations in the wild. Think of this course as training for the wilderness that is everyday life. Like the best wilderness preparedness trainers, Jay teaches you the tools for survival and then sets you up to practice with them in a supported environment. S.D. writer

I loved the course! I now find I'm able to check in with myself and know how to ask, answer and act on, "What do I need now?" And in those moments when my children are acting up, I can also pause and ask "what do they need?" without my blood boiling. Because of Have Your Own Back, showing up for myself has clicked in a new and sustainable way. B.S. entrepreneur

I've worked with you individually for over a year, and I loved the course because when we work one-on-one we just go straight into focusing on one thing in my life at a time, but doing the Have Your Own Back course was like getting an in-depth tutorial on the bigger picture behind the work we do. It made my own experience make so much more sense! And it also made my own struggles--which tend to feel so personal--feel more universal, and thus easier to work with. The course renewed and deepened my sense of progress in being truly connected to myself. S.D. therapist

Have Your Own Back far surpassed my expectations. Jay's no BS approach has helped me connect to myself in a deeper way and gain the confidence to show up and do me, no matter what. J.C. yoga teacher


cost of program is $170 (reg $225)

This training may complement, but shouldn't replace, psychotherapy, counseling or medical care for mental health conditions. Please discuss this training with your mental health care provider prior to registering.