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 Home in Your Body and Teaching People Not Poses, by Jay Fields

Home in Your Body

It's hard to practice yoga at home. Not because you don't know the postures, but because it's hard to be with yourself in a way that can be just as confrontational and uncomfortable as it can be nourishing and familiar.

It is for this very reason that practicing yoga by yourself at home is an incredibly potent practice for embodying your full self, both on your mat and in your life.

With 28-days worth of tips, techniques, exercises, practice prompts and personal stories from Jay's time on her own mat, Home In Your Body will give you the tools you need not only to develop a personal yoga practice, but also to craft a life that feels uniquely yours.

Teaching People, Not Poses

In yoga teacher training you are taught how to teach the yoga poses but not necessarily much about the art of teaching. Or perhaps I should say the heart of teaching–how to show up as a human being with all of your gifts, passions, fears and insecurities and teach the best class you can.

Whether a total newbie to teaching or a seasoned veteran, the 12 Principles of Teaching People, Not Poses are pillars to support you in being a truly remarkable yoga teacher. 

With a chapter dedicated to each principle, stories from Jay's eighteen years of experience as a yoga teacher, teaching tips and questions for you to reflect upon about your own experience as a teacher, this book helps you to find the truth of your own teaching. In turn, you become the most confident, real and inspiring yoga teacher you can be.