a year for you


 Somewhere along the way you lost a chunk of yourself. Or a whole bunch of chunks. You know you’re off track. You’re completely intolerant of feeling like you’re settling any longer in your personal and professional life. You’re ready for a big change. Or maybe it's not so drastic. Maybe you know there's just one little change in tack you need to make in order to head confidently in your own direction, but even though it seems like a little change to your logical self, the actual taking action on that change induces the sort of fear, confusion or resistance that leaves you in the same place year after year. And this year, you just won't do it the old way any longer.

what will you get?

An intentional year of taking an in-depth look at who and where you are and building the skill set you need to be who you were put into the world to be. Bi-monthly meetings via Skype or phone with someone to champion you and to help you explore and bolster your strengths as well as to face and deconstruct your weaknesses.  The sense that someone has your back while you learn to have your own back. The borrowed intuition, love and wisdom of someone to deeply hold you in your process until you can reliably stand in your own intuition, love and wisdom. A presence and faith that creates a kind of alchemy to a more fully expressed self. An internal software update that will replace the operating system of your mind with the operating system of your heart. A willingness for vulnerability and intimacy. A taste for uncertainty. More moments of pure grace. You.